Hello Heroes

What young people say

Our past events were amazing days filled with fun, laughter and happy memories. Here’s what some of our guests said:

"Today i felt seen, they gave us gifts which i never knew i could receive, it was a bit overwhelming to be honest but after a while i realised, i do deserve to be loved and cared for, this project should be everywhere!!"

“Best Christmas I have ever had, better than I could have had alone. I’ve never been anywhere where the people are so nice. I woke up feeling happy for the first time in a week.”

“Today I actually felt I was someone that I deserved a bit of love for once, normally I would be alone but now I am with people who do actually care and looking forward to 2020, I feel there is hope.”

"My mum doesn't want me so I suppose I would have slept all day with a bellyache, but you treated me to food, drink, presents and conversation though I have done nothing to deserve it. I really was surprised by all the kindness I received today. Thank you very much."

"That warm welcome I got in my first year stayed with me throughout 2019... The love in the room is overwhelming. I hope what I feel today stays with me for a long time."

"Thank you to all the volunteers that gave up their time for free!!! these people actually care! i had fun, i got to be myself and get engages in things i wouldn't have before due to my anxiety, i have hope for the future.."